Over two decades of experience we believe Dance is the form of vibration of our body and mind. It is a form of worship through which a dancer can reach the Almighty. It is a form of Yoga.

A dancer can only reach this stage through continuous training i.e. 'Sadhana'. So, in my view, for the child who wants to learn dance, the first thing she has to do is undergo hard training from which she will learn discipline and patience which are the most important factors in a child's life.

Indian Classical Dance and Music should always be a part of our school-activities.

A) Uniform

1. Uniform for Male students – Kurta/Jippa.

2. Uniform for Female/Girls – Pavadai & Shirt/Salwar. Below thigh level

B) Timings

1. Monday & Friday classes – 6.00PM to 7.00Pm
2. Sunday – 4PM to 6 PM
3. Students must come on time
4. For any reasons, if a student is absent please inform us for allotting compensation class.

C) Stage Performance (Rounds).

1. To provide stage performance experience, every student (classical/Western) is expected to perform songs as per the scheme of lessons. For details please see Notice Board.
2. Parents must sign, Pre-test is MUST before stage program every Sunday at 5:45pm
3. All parents are generously requested to come and encourage kids.

D) Enrolement number

1. Every student is assigned a UNIQUE ID. Please see the Notice board.
2. For all correspondence please quote the same.

E) Fees

1. Fees have to be paid on or before 10th of every-month.
2. Parents have the option of quarterly fee to be paid in advance
3. Please ask for the fees note. Quote the date, Enrolment number, Cheau/NEFT details,Name of the student, amount and sign. Please do not pay fees without entry in to the notebook.

F) Lessons

1. Vocal is MUST for all classical students.
2. Parents are requested to monitor the progress in the note book and meet us for any clarification(s), without any hesitation

G) Outside program/Event

1. We will be organising regular program/events inside our school & outside
2. We encourage parents/Students to take part. However, Participation is “AT WILL”